Dr. Iverson and Dr. Goiz at the 2013 International BioMagnetism Conference

I’ve been a chiropractor for over 30 years with my current practice located in Juneau, Alaska. Although I am board certified in chiropractic orthopedics, my main focus has always been much more in the “alternative” style of work. I’ve always believed that the body can heal itself without too much interference and a little bit of help!

I’ve studied homeopathy and literally dozens of different healing and energy techniques. I’m certified by Dr. Bradley Nelson, DC as an Emotion Code practitioner, I’ve studied with shamans in the jungles of Peru for the past 7 years and was a Master Guide for modernshamanism.org, an online course to bring shamanism to the everyday person in our modern world.

To say the least, I’ve been around the block in the healing world and feel that BioMagnetism is one of the least invasive and most productive healing modalities I’ve ever come across.

Andrea Iverson has been Certified to provide BioMagnetism Therapy by the El Centro de Investigacion de Biomagnetismo Medico, S.C.in Mexico, the University of Chapingo, Mexico and by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran.