BioMagnetic/BioEnergetic Session

Sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes, but the actual treatment time may vary from 50-75 minutes. It is not possible to state exactly how much time your particular treatment will take, and may be a little longer or shorter, depending on the case. Extra time is allotted for this reason.

Single Session

$120per session
  • Special new year price of $120

3 Session Pack ($306)

$102per session
  • SAVE 15% by purchasing 3 sessions for $306*

*All must be purchased at first contact and used within 3 months.

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Call or email for apt and payment options are pre pay with paypal or CASH at time of serivce…NO checks or credit card on site.


Just like you, your furry, or not so furry friends, can also benefit from this modality. They are treated by using you, or someone else, as a surrogate for them. The cost is the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What Can I Expect from a Treatment?”2018-12-12T05:26:12+00:00

Changes may be noticed immediately, or over the course of the next 7-8 days. Most people feel a definite difference in their symptoms during this time but some may need more than one session before a difference is perceived.

This therapy has been known to help many conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches and various aches and pains to name just a few. Many patients have reported a marked improvement in their mental/emotional state of being.

“What Does a Session Look Like and Do I need to Do Anything Special?”2018-12-12T05:25:48+00:00

The person lies comfortably on a massage style table. THAT’S IT! That’s all YOU have to do. You get to rest quietly and relax. I will be using a kinesiology muscle response in your legs to scan and access the body for the locations to place the magnets.

Although not required, it is most ideal if you wear comfortable, athletic style clothing. Please do not wear only one bulky, thick layer on top. A regular long or short sleeved shirt is best.

“How Many Sessions Will I Need?”2018-12-12T05:24:45+00:00

Only your body knows! Of course it totally depends on lots of factors but I can tell you that most practitioners that provide BioMagnetism therapy report that, for the average person, most issues are addressed in 3-5 treatments. It’s a bell-shaped curve, some require more and some need less. The most optimal is to have an initial sequence of 3 sessions. Sometimes, one treatment is all that is needed and can make a substantial impact on your health!!

Sessions are most often scheduled not less than a week apart to give your body adequate time to heal.